No Buy Challenge 2021

2020 was a year of financial uncertainty for me. Even though I achieved my savings goal of 10k saved from 2017 – 2020, but I had to go through a salary cut! When I was informed with this information, I was heartbroken! The employer had to do the 50% pay cut because COVID-19 hit us really hard this time. 50% pay cut is no fun, I had to cut down expenses and I really have to be strict with my purchases.

The WHYs

‘No Buy Year 2021’ needs to happen! I need to stop one of my very bad habits, which is impulse buying. I buy so many stuffs that I ended up not using or clothes that I end up not wearing. Most importantly, I need to slow down on the purchase of my ultimate ‘kryptonite’, that is CRYSTALS!

I’ve read quite a few blog posts on doing the ‘No Buy’ movement and I really like this Malaysian blogger ‘figuring(g)itout’ who’s successfully achieved her ‘No Buy 2020’. Even though she did face some tiny hiccups along her ‘no buy’ journey but she achieved her saving goals during the pandemic. Her sharing on her journey were so impactful to me. Hence, for my ‘No Buy 2021’ I decided to follow her method.

The HOWs

This is how I’m going to make my 2021 better, I would really have to fight with all my might when it comes to buying impulsely and I need to justify on each of my purchase. This justification will be done monthly with each month will have its own update in a blog post form. I might want to vlog about it too but I’ll see if I can manage.

For figuringgit’s out methods, she listed down on the categories of things that she can and can’t buy. This list of categories is an important guideline to help me to stay on course in terms of what I can add to cart. I will follow her list 100% but I had to delete some and add 1 category, which is Carmen’s stuff. It’s because there might be some things that I must buy or had to spend money for Carmen.

Things I can’t buy

  1. Apparel and clothing
    Absolute no unless every piece in the same category tear apart and the category is necessary for my life. Simple example, undergarments.
  2. Books
    Absolute no for physical books.
  3. Electronic devices and accessories
    Absolute no unless necessary items go kaput. Example, earphone.
  4. Supplements
    Absolute no unless advised by doctor (background: I self-prescribed myself few supplements (93% probability that I don’t even need them) which end up going past their expiration dates as I fail to take them as recommended). Except for Vit-C and Folic Acid
  5. Stationery and notebooks
    Absolute no.
  6. Home decor
    Absolute no.
  7. Knickknacks
    Absolute no.
  8. Crystals (ultimate KRYPTONITE) – NO!

Another thing to make this ‘no buy’ even more interesting, the blogger mentioned that she will add features to this from time to time. And whenever she had the urge to buy things from the categories above, she will transfer the money as per the price to another savings account to track how much money that could’ve gone to waste. So much fun, isn’t it? I will definitely do the same thing.

Things I can buy / spend on / paying for

  1. Health – I’ll not compromise my health for money. I’ll see the doctors when I need to but let’s pray for a healthy year.
  2. Carmen’s Stuff – All things that are essential for Carmen like clothes, bottles, teats, gears but will be under a budget.
  3. Monthly bills – I’ll pay only for the fixed bills that I currently have, will neither upgrade nor add anything new.
  4. Groceries and food– I’ll keep this under strict budget.
  5. Skincare and makeup – I’ve pretty much have my skincare and makeup routine figured out so I’ll maintain that and the products that I use. I will only buy when they run out. No new item or if I had to change, I will choose products that have pretty much the same value.
  6. Family / gifts / donations– Being stingy is not the aim of this year.
  7. Travel / social / dates / activities – I still want to be happy, will not compromise this but will keep it under strict budget.

Things I may (but preferably not) buy

There are also these other things that are not necessary and I want to avoid buying them, but most probably I would have to get them. I’ll just put them under my May-or-May-Not-Buy List:-

  1. Birthday gift for myself – I usually will buy something high price item for myself on my birthday but will put this thought on hold.
  2. E-books or Audiobooks – I currently like reading books about self-help, finance and productivity. So I might buy them but only after I finished reading then I will purchase a new one.
  3. Wardrobe organization for mine and Carmen’s – I’m still figuring out on how to organize my clothes and Carmen’s the best way possible with a very low budget. Still looking for inspiration on Pinterest and Shopee.

If you really want to join in the journey of ‘no buy’, you have to read figuringgitout’s blogposts to have an idea what she had to go through in completing the challenge!

So there goes my ‘no buy’ plan for 2021. I hope I will succeed and I get to erase my bad habit of impulse buying. Wish me luck!!


Love, Jess x

5 thoughts on “No Buy Challenge 2021

    • OH MY!! Are you going to do another ‘No Buy Year’ Challenge????
      Thank you soooo much for dropping by, can’t believe you actually came by and commented!
      Appreciate the encouragement so much!!


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